TheMamaPost is the voice of mums for mums. It’s not about the “dos and don’ts” of motherhood, but rather about mums from all over the world sharing their real-life stories. We believe that real stories are always inspirational, and we can learn a lot from reading them. Also, we know a common result of becoming a mum is to neglect our own wellbeing; therefore we want to dedicate this community to mums only – because we’re special!

My name is Karen Loke and I’m a proud mum to three beautiful children. I’ve created TheMamaPost community to share my own personal experiences, especially in the fields of reclaiming your pre-pregnancy figure, women’s wellness and recipes. Over the years I have met many great mums in my profession as a Postnatal Treatment Practitioner, and I will be sharing their stories too, including parenting, getting back into shape and fitness, as well as the personal ups and downs of being a mum.

We all know that being a mum is not a bed of roses (charming social media photos featuring happy parents and cute babies can sometimes be deceiving, huh?). It brings its own set of challenges which change as we and our children pass different phases only other mums can understand and relate to, from childcare to nutritional needs, from selecting the appropriate toys to selecting the right school, from dealing with tantrums and sibling rivalry to competing priorities between attending their first ballet class or attending your annual business trip to meet your yearly sales quota, etc.

If you are feeling disheartened or disoriented in the face of the seemingly endless adversities each mum faces, I want to reassure you that you are not alone. There are many mums who feel just like you (myself included) and there is nothing wrong with us, and nothing wrong with our children; it is just the new reality we have to cope with as the external environment changes. I believe we can deal with change together as we draw courage and strength from sharing our stories. From my experience in raising three wonderful children, being a mum – challenging as it is – is the most rewarding lifelong career for any woman. I believe fervently that well-cared for mothers are the keystone to a happy, healthy family and that celebrating the journey of motherhood together is one of the best ways of caring for us all!

Here at TheMamaPost I hope mums can share their memorable moments, exchange views and find trusted advice from experts. From tummy binding advice, secret recipes, and getting-back-into-shape tips, to parenting preferences and fostering our relationship with our children, we’d love to have mums’ voices heard here!

Karen Loke – mother of 3 children

My Beloved Ones

My Beloved Ones