Womb Position Can Determine Your Health

If you’ve ever experienced a postnatal massage by an Indonesian or Malay practitioner, you may be familiar with the term “your uterus is hanging low,” or, “your womb is laying too low”. In Malay language, they call it “peranakan jatuh”. Being able to read and write in the Malay language, I am grateful to be […]

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Goodbye Mildew

Mildew or mold which grows in your shower room, especially on your shower curtains is not only an eyesore but might post potential health problem especially to infants and babies with allergies to pollutants. It is advisable to remove the mildew or mold on your shower curtains by sponging them with a bleach solution*. After […]

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Diastasis Recti

3 Steps To Self Examination of Diastasis Recti

Ask about your abdominal diastasis the next time you see a doctor for a post-pregnancy follow up. Diastasis recti, also known as abdominal or stomach muscle separation, is a common condition after pregnancy. During pregnancy, the stomach muscle is stretched as the womb grows. After giving birth, a palpable gap can be felt between the […]

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