slimum Treatments

slimum Treatments by Restoring Mums

All slimum™ Treatments by Restoring Mums ( and their ingredients have been specifically designed and chosen by Karen Loke following her extensive research and training in postpartum recovery. Karen’s tried-and-tested ‘recipes’ and techniques address both cosmetic issues (bloated tummies, wider waistlines, hips and scarring), and overall women’s wellness (poor circulation, hormone regulation, swelling relief, involution and womb integrity, […]

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Diastasis Recti

3 Steps To Self Examination of Diastasis Recti

Ask about your abdominal diastasis the next time you see a doctor for a post-pregnancy follow up. Diastasis recti, also known as abdominal or stomach muscle separation, is a common condition after pregnancy. During pregnancy, the stomach muscle is stretched as the womb grows. After giving birth, a palpable gap can be felt between the […]

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