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Proper Use of Postpartum Corset And Your Health

Belly wrap and waist cincher are large belt or wrap worn across the waist. They are great tools to trim your postpartum waistline and abdomen. Many over-enthusiastic mums fasten the wrap too tightly in order to shrink their abdomen. Shrink it they will, but when there is so much inward pressure on the abdomen, you are also creating a potentially harmful downward pressure on the womb and pelvic floor muscles.

Excessive Pressure Pushing Womb Out of Position

Excessive Pressure Pushing Womb Out of Position

Following childbirth, the womb takes about six weeks to return back to its size. What is not normally emphasised is the womb also needs to be back to its proper position for homeostasis and homeodynamics. When there is a strong downward pressure on the lower abdomen, it can cause your womb to prolapse or further weaken the pelvic floor muscles. Read our article to know more about this subject as to how a displaced womb can affect a woman’s health considerably.

When you wear a belly wrap or waist cincher (loosely termed as postpartum corset) and you feel pressure on your perineum or a sensation of “something” is bulging out of your vagina – these are signs that you are wearing your wrap too tightly. The pelvic floor muscles supports your bladder, womb and bowels. Having a weak pelvic floor makes it harder for you to squeeze the muscles at the bottom of your bladder and cause accidental leaks when you cough, sneeze or am holding your pee.

Excessive Pressure - Side View

Excessive Pressure – Side View

Considering the above, a panty-like corset compression garment works better by ensuring the compression effect is even throughout the abdominal area. An even better option is the traditional abdominal binding method, which wraps your abdomen specifically according to your body shape instead of just choosing the closest-fitting size. The ideal is of course giving yourselves a treat of traditional binding and massage treatments.

Traditional Abdominal Binder

Traditional Abdominal Binder

However, when an abdominal binding service is not an option, choose a postpartum compression garment that you feel is comfortable enough to wear over a period of two to three months post-delivery for best effect.

Karen Loke – Founder and Practitioner, Restoring Mums Limited