slimum Treatments

slimum Treatments by Restoring Mums

All slimum™ Treatments by Restoring Mums ( and their ingredients have been specifically designed and chosen by Karen Loke following her extensive research and training in postpartum recovery.

Karen’s tried-and-tested ‘recipes’ and techniques address both cosmetic issues (bloated tummies, wider waistlines, hips and scarring), and overall women’s wellness (poor circulation, hormone regulation, swelling relief, involution and womb integrity, stress relief, expelling trapped lochia and separation of abdominal muscles [diastasis recti]) to achieve optimum recovery post-delivery – a truly holistic approach to your postpartum health and wellbeing.

As the delivery of every child brings a unique maternal experience, we will start by understanding your personal condition and then customise each treatment accordingly – from specific massage strokes to the oils and herbs best suited to you. Restoring Mums offers the following postpartum wellness treatments (many passionately but loosely label it as Jamu Massage, belly binding, tummy wrap), each can be tailored made to meet each individual’s unique needs:-

1. slimum™ TUMMY Signature Treatment (45 Minutes)

2. slimum™ BODY – Total Relaxation & Rejuvenating Treatment (75 Minutes)

3. slimum™ by KAREN – All You Need To Regain Your Figure and Wellness (75 Minutes)

Treatments take place in the comfort of your own home, so there’s no need to travel during your confinement period.

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