Space Saver

I like to play safe in life and when I had my first baby and second baby it was not uncommon for me to spend an hour to pack before I could take my kids with me for a road trip with peace of mind. However, the challenge became increasingly tougher having to find more space with the same luggage after the arrival of my 3rd child. The checklist grows longer and I have more to pack but the luggage stays the same. I maintained my sanity 🙂 by adopting a simple space saver idea I was taught since I was a teenager. Here is the piece of space saver advice I got which I find really helpful.

Before packing, (1) get a plastic bag, (2) roll your clothes, and (3) group them inside the bag.

This simple idea can be perfected by using a large “Ziploc” bag and by repeating the same act. Once you have filled up the “Ziploc” bag, secure the zipper, leaving half an inch opening, squeeze the “Ziploc” bag to get rid of the air (vacuum effect) in the bag. Now this airtight “Ziploc” bag can be placed in the luggage and you will be amazed by how many more items you can add in the same luggage.

Karen Loke – Founder and Practitioner, Restoring Mums