Womb Position Can Determine Your Health

If you’ve ever experienced a postnatal massage by an Indonesian or Malay practitioner, you may be familiar with the term “your uterus is hanging low,” or, “your womb is laying too low”. In Malay language, they call it “peranakan jatuh”. Being able to read and write in the Malay language, I am grateful to be […]

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slimum Treatments

slimum Treatments by Restoring Mums

All slimum™ Treatments by Restoring Mums (www.restoringmums.com) and their ingredients have been specifically designed and chosen by Karen Loke following her extensive research and training in postpartum recovery. Karen’s tried-and-tested ‘recipes’ and techniques address both cosmetic issues (bloated tummies, wider waistlines, hips and scarring), and overall women’s wellness (poor circulation, hormone regulation, swelling relief, involution and womb integrity, […]

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